Camera Controls

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(*You need java to view and control the cam!
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1Camera selection bar
Used to select the camera.

2Zoom scroll bar
Used to change the zoom ratio.
Moving the button up zooms in (telephoto) and moving it down zooms out (wideangle).

3Tilt scroll bar
Used to change the camera tilt angle (up and down movement).

4Pan scroll bar
Used to change the camera pan angle (left and right movement).

Allows you to control the camera by selecting preset camera positions.

6Start Control button
Used to acquire camera control privileges. See "Control privileges procedure" below!

7Camera control status window
Used to display camera control information ("Camera controllable", "Camera not
controllable", "Awaiting turn", "Remaining camera control time").

8Backlight adjustment button
Compensates for backlighting. Useful when the video appears very dark due to
backlighting. Click the button again to cancel.

9Snapshot button
Shows a snapshot of the currently displayed video frame in a separate window. The snapshot image can then be printed or saved

Control privileges procedure

Although multiple clients can simultaneously connect to the camera , multiple clients cannot simultaneously control the camera. Consequently only the client who currently holds the control privileges can control the camera. The use of backlight adjustment and presets is also limited to the client who currently holds the control privileges.

aCamera is not controlled


bAwaiting control privilege
reservation. The number
beside the person icon
shows the estimated time
until control privileges are granted.
However, you may be granted
control privileges before this number
reaches "0" because other users
may cancel camera control or
withdraw from the queue

cYou have been granted
control privileges. The
number beside the clock
icon is your period of
exclusive control.

dYou can retain control
privileges even though
your period of exclusive
control has expired. This
is because there are no camera
control requests from other clients.

eFor some reason, you
have been disconnected
from the camera control
server, you could not
connect to the camera control
at startup, or your connection was
not permitted. The status display
panel turns red.


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